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2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRU Road Glide Ultra

2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRU Road Glide Ultra

2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRU Road Glide Ultra – The Road Glide ® Ultra combines the handling and light wind fractionation of aerodynamic fairing mounted on the frame with a full complement of touring in the second dedicated to long distance passengers. The innovative Harley-Davidson ® Touring chassis is based on a single mast rigid backbone frame and swingarm developed to support the demanding requirements for long distance drivers of tourism and powerful engines of today.

Once set the standard as a “tourer bike ride”, the Road Glide ® Ultra has comfort, convenience and functionality to the next level. All outstanding handling properties of the single “shark nose” fairing framemounted combined with the comfort of a deluxe King Tour-Pak ™ support fairing glove boxes built, a large 1690 cc Twin Cam 103 ™ engine, antilock brakes and an intelligent security system as standard.

2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRU Road Glide Ultra Review

The Road Glide ® Ultra does not stop at functionality. This beautiful and modern shows attention to detail that Harley-Davidson is known. A clean and elegant profile. One medallion Road Glide ® Ultra Tour-Pak ® carrier. Woven-nylon soft luggage bags. Deep Paint rich and chromium. No doubt this bike for anything but real, authentic Harley-Davidson.


Part of the inimitable style of Harley-Davidson Road Glide ® Ultra ® bike is a lot of room to display his paintings. This classic style fuel tank six gallons of fat not only give you a bigger picture of the premium or custom painting, and has six gallons to go you can eat on the road much more between pit stops. We know fuel economy is important, but also the style. Sharp, bright colors and strong lines that cover the nose of the shark motorcycle fairing premium GTX ® saddlebags out the one-of-a-kind for any individual soul.


These bags injection molded disks to 26.2 cubic feet. volume feet long-haul luxury and a perfect surface for painting show some higher level. Even better, the bags open at the top, so your computer will not end up spread over the road. They keep their unspeakable luxury dry locks and chrome does not corrode in bad weather.

And when you’re off the road, a common key starts the bike and gives you access to your luggage, keeping the pockets as refined as the design of the classic motorcycle.


We keep the back clean and unadorned, with the lights of a defense-tri-gloss line, taillights of the unique land-loving, more effects and a plaque mounted in low light bulb for clear visibility and style. This completes the custom, one-of-a-kind look.


Up to two times thicker than the competition, custom quality paint is standard on all Harley-Davidson ®. Stratification painted five thousandths deep. Larger metal flakes. Unique effects on the Sunglo and pearl. Saving is not only in our vocabulary.

Hand finished FUEL TANK

All fuel tank Harley-Davidson ® are hand-finished, that’s what makes it stand out from the competition. Its seamless design and unparalleled style are unique among all the bikes on the road. The tanks are one of the first things people notice and the last when they lay their eyes on a Harley-Davidson ® make it worth your time.

SHARK-nose fairing

The frame mounted shark-nose fairing always leads in the direction of the road. With its twin headlights, single iconic style and attitude is quite different in the streets, while its built-in storage gives a resting place for valuables that need easy access during travel. The projector and the short windscreen add style to the top without departing from the legendary look.


For long distance agility in games of all distances, you’ll love. We tightened things up by adding a large wheel with a low aspect ratio powerful. This means that the bike keeps its sense legendary tight turning radius of equilibrium and greater maneuverability at low speed.


The knowledge of what makes an engine of a corridor that goes very deep in the Motor Company, and was also used when we created the Twin Cam 103 ™ engine. We sweated bullets perfecting every cubic centimeter, pushing design and technology forward.

And we did all this without compromising some unique style of Harley-Davidson. Evolved, but the legacy of the Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution ®, Twin Cam 88 ® and Twin Cam 96 ™ engine that came before. Performance and durability are the direct result of the countless miles logged on the V-Twin from 1909, and the proud heritage that comes from the value of a century of commitment to life on two wheels.


Feast your eyes on the Twin Cam 103 ™ engine and is not going to cheat on their roots. This is authentic Harley-Davidson style from start to finish, with an attention to detail not find any other bike company. Painted black heads and cylinders are identified by councils machining with cooling fins and chrome valve covers. It is a jewel metal machining. Pura. Dripping with power.

From the edge of conventional cooling fins clean lines of cases and covers, the Twin Cam 103 ™ engine made an infallible statement according to what is good and stay true to what satisfies the pilot.

SIX-SPEED Cruise Drive ®

Want a ride that scold begs for mercy when you bend a little. The six-speed Cruise Drive ® transmission provides a smooth, quiet and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you can get a better fit between the sales engine and road speed. And the transmission system is isolated smooth flow acceleration, constant flow right wrist in the soil. This is an unusual turn when a motorcycle responds that way, and a murmur goes a long way when it opens the way to go.


After three decades of keeping the vibrations of the Big Twin to go up, Harley-Davidson engineers decided to take something that is great and even better, to perfect the delicate balance of Shake, Rattle and-ride comfortably. In 2009, we added a point of isolation of our fourth three-point rubber insulation system of the engine. Just get that Big Twin idle and feel the difference.

Twin Cam 103 ™ Power

Enjoy your trip to the power of 103. The air cooled Twin Cam 103 ™ Harley Davidson ® motor provides increased drive torque pressure, while the roller sequential electronic injection port is the clear reaction gases and alive. This is a performance boost you make the move, climbing hills, or walk full of luggage or passengers in the back, just below the noise of the Society of the signing of the motor. And it comes down to cruising speed, if you drive more easily, with less engine vibration and better fuel economy on the road.


Start the Twin Cam 103 ™ engine and feel the low-end torque shot. The design of the lightweight piston, delivering extra power is more refined than ever. Next, place your foot on the shifter and feel the engine and the six-speed Cruise Drive ® has been designed to work together. Six speeds. High transmission and solid internal components. Low maintenance routine. And a number of turns of small cruise could not feel better. In collaboration with the HD ® Smart Security System, ABS, Twin Cam 103 ™ engine is standard on the Road Glide ® Ultra.

Connector High Performance Accessories

Harley-Davidson ® Touring means maximum comfort in all conditions and the ability to add any improve and personalize your trip. The charging system offers high electrical efficiency robust capacity to their complements: heated vest, heated seats, heated grips, engine lights to show, whatever. So if you’re a purist on two wheels, we make sure they must have to do it your way.


If you’re ready to take tourism to the next level, the series of speed function will help you settle in the long term. Enjoy the comfort of the cruise, without the cables cluttering the handlebars. Our technology of electronic throttle control, you can have the best of both worlds.

TECHNOLOGY cleverly hidden

Harley-Davidson uses the latest technology without compromising style and function. This means that we hide electronics. The wiring harness is expertly directs all jewelry behind the tank of the motorcycle, engine and all the other amazing features you want. This is just another way to the Motor Company does its best to give your bike high quality, top of the line fit and finish.

Intuitive controls

The manual controls on a Harley-Davidson ® are incredibly intuitive. Directional lights are alone and, based on the speed and angle of the bike, they know how long to stay. Involve commands quickly becomes second nature so you can focus less on the signal off and learn more about the sun in the freedom of the race.

Harman / Kardon ® Advanced Audio System

Naturally, the king of the road becomes a real extras. The four premium speakers, 20 watts per channel Harman / Kardon ® audio system has a big booming sound of the boulevard and the highway, and, yes, it could go to 11. Strong, proud and comes with AM / FM receiver and can accommodate a CD or MP3 player. Free riding is simply not the same without the soundtrack to the right.


When it comes to the Road Glide ® Ultra with ABS, “stopping power” has a double meaning. The components of the ABS are elegantly concealed in the wheel hub, so always call attention to a clean and clear. More importantly, you get confidence in the saddle of your bike will behave when you need to know.

H-D SYSTEM ® Smart Security

The system installed at the factory next generation of security support has a speaker and automatically disables the electronic security of vehicles to zoom in and out of the bike. Paste the fob on your key chain on and let it do all the work. It is this attention to detail and safety that make Harley-Davidson ® unique.


The iconic shark nose fairing Road Glide ® Ultra is bolted to the motorcycle chassis to keep it in place and reduces the wind with all his might to make your ride smooth and easy to carry. Known for extreme performance and a very different style, this is an original fairing motorcycling history, and closes as a determinant of the legendary Harley-Davidson Road Glide ®.

MARCO and tilt

Change All. Do not miss it. Our full review of the structure and tilt has only been around since 2009 and is changing the game completely. Stamped and welded pipe and bent have been abandoned for castings and forgings and heavy, like the legendary Harley-Davidson executives in recent years. The result is a rigid structure which rises and has corners. Acceleration is strong. The march is strong and sensitive. And they are on the way to inspire confidence


In The Motor Company, we believe that there are innovative, Touring motorcycles for the next generation without spilling a little blood, sweat and tears. And when you get it right as maneuverability at low speed in the models of our tours, all other improvements in the tower, combine to create a big-boned bike that is light and agile, while carving curves closed or if you are riding around in a parade or a group.

Brembo ® brakes

Trust. Control. Dual high performance Brembo ® disc brakes offer consistent braking power at all speeds. The front and rear pistons 4 rotor brake system dual front is the state of the art and the top line. This is just another way The Motor Company offers a high level of detail on their bikes to give you peace of mind throughout the trip.

Adjustable air suspension

With the adjustable air suspension is standard, can make your trip to accommodate heavier loads or lighter combat conditions unforeseen road or simply did not have to establish how you want to ride. The lightest load, can be sweeter in reducing the air pressure a little, or increasing the air pressure for a more firm. An air valve is located near the bag and between the rear fender to fit mini. This is the comfort and the driver and passenger to adjust the bike to your liking the easiest way.


Harley-Davidson ® are unlike any other bike on the road. There is a balance to them. Administration, management is a concert. And all models Harley-Davidson ® is given differently to create a unique experience for each individual horse whatever the bike balanced on his leg. Face it, we have not been where we are like everyone else.

Fine-Tuned Geometry FRONT END

HD ® can also stand for “handle the details.” This is another key to innovation in engineering, we added because we refuse to settle. We have taken a turn for the actual front and sophisticated, adding just enough drag to make it even more sensitive. You are fully appreciate the difference until you’re back in a tortuous path length, saddle-stitched and in full harmony with all the curves of the road.

Dunlop ® Multi-Tread TM tires

The 180 mm rear tire is designed to do more than fill the rear fender and put a larger piece of rubber on the road. Dunlop ® Multi-Tread compound technology ™ uses more hard in the center and softer on the sides of a tire that still knows how to knuckle down at the corners. Perfect for this bike nimble in each section of the winding road. And how he feels through a sharp turn tilt put a smile on your face that will last until the next state line.

FAIRING broken now

Do not be a prisoner not to take control of the route with fewer broken fairings on the Road Glide ® Ultra model. Sauté for a cooling tower or leave them still to fight tooth and nail wind. When it comes to traveling, Harley-Davidson is a matter of convenience each time you hunt a horizon.

MARCO MI wind deflectors

The air baffle mid-frame, low profile, black baffles that attach to the frame of the bike, just below the seat, and to help redirect the engine heat for comfort in all his adventures on two wheels. So sit back, stay calm and enjoy the scenery of the place to go.

SET wide handlebars

Classic style and comfort. This is the perfect balance of the handlebar variety that come standard on the Ultra Road Glide ® model. They are designed to stay comfortably seated in a dominant position while ensuring the neck muscles stay relaxed and calm mile after mile, state after state. Stainless steel provides structural rigidity long you expect from a Harley-Davidson ® deep and shiny finish you want.


Our bikes are designed to be mounted. A large amount. This means that driver comfort is ahead. Always. With the engine management strategy of the temperature at rest (EITMS) functionality, the bike automatically switches off the fuel and fire the rear cylinder at idle, which helps reduce engine heat felt by the driver and passenger. The best part, you can easily disable this feature on or off each time he stopped the bike.


The headquarters is home to Harley-Davidson ®. They want a seat that has a unique style without sacrificing comfort. Because of this, Harley-Davidson invests considerable time in research, design and test the seats so that each bike has just the right saddle.

Wind deflection IMPROVED

For a long time, two-lane or travel from one state to another, comfort against the wind, if you can dictate the next state or retire at the next exit. For 2012, we added wind deflectors in the body to reduce wind effects and reduce the pounding of the hull. Travel in comfort for more miles, the only thing on the face of the sun on the horizon.

Two up Seat

The modern style and comfort without sacrificing a bit of nostalgia: The ultimate Touring saddle features a sculpted seat with a bucket of neck deeper and narrower as relieve pressure on the thighs, while offering more back support and comfort for a variety of sizes rider. And the lower seat height 663 mm, put your feet near the road to build their confidence. Moreover, the leather and stitching to accentuate the premium ergonomics, while giving up the little details found only on a Harley-Davidson ®. This is the science for comfort, and his way of fighting fatigue in the long term.

Complete tables

His boots are made for riding, as they see fit. Our complete tables are tried and tested design that has stood the test of time. Rubber Vibration Isolation for a comfortable ride. Traditional finger change is familiar to experienced pilots and intuitive for newcomers. Changing the heel you can travel through the gears even easier and more convenient. In addition, boards of height adjustable passenger an extra level of comfort for his pair of horses.

2-1-2 ESCAPE

Welcome to the crossroads of Harley-Davidson style and smart engineering. The 2-1-2 exhaust helps direct heat away from the driver and passenger, while offering good performance, the signature Harley-Davidson roar and great style.

Touring 2012: The Legend Rolls On

By 2012, the eight Harley-Davidson ® Touring is powered by a twin Cam 103 ™ with automatic compression release and an oil cooler. Producing 102 pounds-feet. of torque at 3500 rpm, the Twin Cam 103 ™ offers outstanding performance in the city and open road. All Touring models also feature 6-speed Cruise Drive ™ transmission, 41.3 mm telescopic forks, adjustable shock absorbers and air rear-wheel drive system for smooth power delivery alone. The Harley-Davidson ® Touring chassis has a single mast rigid backbone frame and swingarm in two parts designed to provide flexible management and long-haul durability. The geometry of the chassis and suspension are calibrated for the management of trust and comfort.

All Touring models, except for the Ultra Limited offers a new “no camera” fit option chromed aluminum wheels for easy replacement of tires and repair. Six new colors or color combinations are some of the 12 options offered in the model of the paint line Touring 2012.

2012 Harley-Davidson ® Touring

“Road King ®
“Road King ® Classic
“Electra Glide ® Classic
“Ultra Classic Electra Glide ® ®
“Electra Glide ® Ultra Limited
“Street Glide ®
“Road Glide ® Custom
“Road Glide ® Ultra

2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRU Road Glide Ultra

2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU Featured Model

NEW air deflector
Chrome aluminum profile NEW tubeless wheel option cords
The new paint color options

  • – Injection molded King Tour-Pak ® luggage soft lining, storage pockets and wrap around rear / brake lights, 26.2 cu. pi volume
  • – Broken down lower fairings with integrated storage compartments
  • – Starting from 80 watts, four-speaker Harmon / Kardon ® Advanced Audio System with CD/MP3 player and CB / Intercom
  • – One-piece, two to Electra Glide ® classic comfort stitch seat to improve the way the rider’s leg fell, and offer better support than
  • – Aerodynamics, chassis-mounted fairing integrates clear Lexan windshield lights, double deck type of deployment tools
  • – Black powder-coated powertrain Chrome Bezels
  • – Chrome, dual exhaust mufflers with tapered 2-1-2
  • – Black, 28-spoke cast aluminum wheels
  • – Wind deflectors halfway under
  • – Chrome, low-profile fuel tank console
  • – Defence deep FL
  • – Stainless steel, classic touring handlebar
  • Passenger backrest with arms surround –
  • – Injection molded GTX saddlebags, 26.2 cu. pi volume
  • – The speed and the electronic tachometer, more fuel, the voltage of the oil pressure, air temperature and air temperature gauges
  • – Combination / brake / tail lights
  • – Rear fender mounting plate module with the license itself low and LED lighting

2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU Features and Benefits

  • – Mounting frame Twin Cam 103 ™ V-Twin engine with electronic fuel injection port sequential fuel (ESPFI) and electronic throttle control (ETC)
  • – 6-speed Cruise Drive ® transmission with integrated single unit (IDS)
  • – Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • – Dunlop ® “Multi-Tread” the construction of the rear tires extend tire life by 25 percent
  • – Brembo ® 4-piston front and rear caliper brake system with dual front rotor
  • – Air-adjustable rear shocks
  • – Implementation of Bridge Length
  • – Height adjustable passenger Steps
  • – Six-gallon fuel tank
  • – Harley-Davidson ® Smart Security System with hands-free security fob
  • – Electronic speed control
  • – Optional chrome wheels aluminum bound
2012 Harley-Davidson FLTRU Road Glide Ultra

2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU – USA Specifications / Technical Data
U.S. MSRP: $ 22,499, U.S. $ Vivid Black $ 23,074 solid

Length 98.7 in (2507 mm)
Overall width 36.2 inches (919 mm)
Overall height 55.0 inches (1397 mm)
Seat Height:
– 27.3 Laden2 inches (693 mm)
– Empty 29.1 inches (739 mm)
Ground clearance 5.1 inches (130 mm)
Rake (steering head) 26 °
Fork angle of 29.2 °
Camino 6.7 inches (170 mm)
Wheelbase 63.5 inches (1613 mm)
The tires (Dunlop Harley-Davidson ® ® series, through leading and trailing edges):
– Front – D408F BW 65H 130/80B17
– Rear – D407 BW 81H 180/65B16
6.0 liters fuel capacity. (22.7 L) (warning light at approximately 1.0 liters).
Oil capacity (w / filter) 4.0 qt. (3.8 L)
Transmission Capacity 1.0 qt. (0.95 L)
Primary Chain
Case capacity of 1.4 quarts. (1.3 L)
– The supply of 850 pounds. (385.6 kg)
– Net weight 888 lbs. (402.8 kg)
– The gross vehicle weight of 1360 pounds. (616.9 kg)
– The gross axle weight
– Before the 500 pounds. (226.8 kg)
– Rear 927 lbs. (420.5 kg)
Pieces of luggage
– Volume 4.52 cu. feet (0.1266 m 3)
Air-cooled, Twin Cam 103 ™ with integrated valves oil cooler paid rods, hydraulic valves, roof self-adjusting lifters, two valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 3.875 in. x 4.38 inches (98.4 mm x 111.3 mm)
Displacement 103 cu. inches (1690 cc)
9.6:1 compression ratio
System3 sequential electronic fuel injection port (ESPFI)
Air filter fiberglass, can be washed
Pressure lubrication system, dry sump with oil cooler
Main chain drive, 34/46 ratio
End of the drive belt, 32/68 ratio
Multi-plate clutch, wet
Transmission 6-speed Cruise Drive ®
March (general): United States
– 1st 9.593
– 6.65 seconds
– 3 ° 4938
– April 4
– 5, 3407
– 2,875 sixth
Mild steel frame, tubular frame, two-piece stamped and welded backbone; cast and forged junctions; smaller twin tube bolt on rear frame with forged fender supports, MIG
Swingarm Mild steel, two-piece drawn and welded section, forged junctions, MIG welded
41.3 mm telescopic front forks, triple circuit damping
Air-adjustable rear shocks
Wheels4 (tubeless option chrome aluminum profile laced): Black 28-spoke cast aluminum
– By 17 inch x 3 inch (432 mm x 76 mm)
– Rear 16-inch x 5 inch (406 mm x 127 mm)
– Clamp Type 32 mm, 4 piston fixed front and rear
– Rotor type (diameter x width): Patented rotors, fixed
– Front (dual) 11.81 in. x 0.2 in. (300 mm x 5.1 mm)
– Rear 11.81 in. x 0.28 in. (300 mm x 7.1 mm)
– Anti-lock Braking System: Standard
Suspension Travel:
Front wheel 4.6 in. (117 mm) –
– The rear wheel 3-inch (76 mm)
Designed for use Sidecar: Available
Torque5 engine (J1349):
– North America 100 lb-ft. @ 3250 rpm (135 Nm @ 3250 RPM)
Angle (J1168):
– Right 33 °
– 31 ° to the left
Economy.6 fuel (EPA urban / highway test) 42 mpg (5.6 l/100 km)
Battery (Battery Council International Rating by)
Sealed, maintenance-free, 12V, 28-amp/hour, 270 cca
Phase, 50 amp system (585W @ 13V, 2000 rpm, 650W max power @ 13V)
Starting at 1.2 kW, involving shift solenoid starter
Lights (as per country regulation):
– Faro (halogen) 55-watt low beam, high beam 60W
– Tail / Stop Lights 8W/28W (5W/21W)
– Flashing light 28W (21W) self-cancellation
Witnesses – beams, navigation lights, directional light bar, neutral, oil pressure, engine diagnostics, turn signals, security system, 7 6-speeds, the fuel warning, cruise control, ABS

– Vivid Black
– Big Blue Pearl
– Ember Red Sunglo
Vivid Black $ 22,499
Solid in 23 $ 074

Warranty8 24 months (unlimited mileage)
Service First Interval9 1000 miles (1600 km), every 5,000 miles (8,000 km) thereafter
1 Vehicles shown may differ from vehicles manufactured and delivered. Specifications and prices may vary from specifications and prices of vehicles manufactured and delivered. All product descriptions (including depictions, specifications, dimensions, measurements, ratings and competitive comparisons) are based on information available at time of publication. Although these descriptions are believed correct, errors and changes can occur and complete accuracy can not be guaranteed. Harley-Davidson may make changes in prices and specifications of time, and may modify or discontinue models without notice and without liability. Attention: Vehicles in the configurations shown and many of the accessories described in this catalog may not be available for sale or use in some places. Please see your dealer for complete details of products and the latest information. All models 6-speed transmission (V-Rod ® models and Sportster ® models are 5-speed) and carbon fiber belt final drive, multi-plate clutch with diaphragm spring in oil bath, and 2 years warranty mileage unlimited.
2 Measurement reflects 180 pounds (81.7 kg) operator.
3 Recommended 91 octane or higher fuel (R + M) / 2.
4 Standard and optional wheels may vary by country and region.
5 The values are nominal. Performance may vary by country and region.
Figures 6 combined fuel economy was calculated using a combination of the city and the values estimated road. Estimates of fuel consumption are U.S. EPA exhaust emission certification data on a motorcycle of the sample from the corresponding family, under ideal conditions in the laboratory. Your actual fuel consumption may vary depending on personal riding habits, road and driving conditions, vehicle condition and maintenance, tire pressure, vehicle configuration (parts and accessories), and vehicle load (load, the weight of the driver and passenger). Your mileage may vary.
7 North America the security system includes immobilizer, outside North America the security system includes immobilizer and siren.
8 Refer to the owner of the motorcycle for more details.
9 Some systems and components is 2500 miles (4000 km) intervals. Consult your owner’s manual for details.

2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU – Canada technical specifications and details
Canada MSRP: Vivid Black $ 24,689, $ 25,319 the option of color, wheel option at $ 510 Canadian

Length 2525 mm
693 mm Seat Height Laden
Seat height 740 mm vacuum
Ground clearance 125 mm
Rake (steering head) (degrees) 26
Trail 170 mm
Wheelbase: 1630 mm
Front tires: Specification 65H BW 130/80B17
Rear tires: 81h 180/65B16 Specification BW
3 Fuel Capacity: 22.7 L
Oil Capacity (w / filter): 3.8 l
Shipping Weight: 400 kg
Weight: 413 kg
Volume of luggage capacity: 0.127 m3
Luggage capacity-Weight: N / A
Engine 1: air-cooled, Twin Cam 103 ™ with Integrated Oil Cooler-
Diameter: 98.4 mm
Stroke: 111.1 mm
Displacement: 1690 cc
Compression ratio: 9.6:1
Power System: Electronic Sequential Port Injection (ESPFI)
Primary Drive: Chain, 34/46 ratio
March (in general) 1 º: 9593
March (in general) 2 º: 6.65
March (in general) 3 º: 4938
March (in general) 4 NO: 4
March (in general) 5 º: 3407
March (in general) 6 th: 2875
Exhaust: Chrome, dual exhaust mufflers with tapered 2-1-2
Wheel type of style option: Tubeless chrome aluminum profile laced
Wheels, Front Type: Black, 28-spoke cast aluminum
Wheels, Rear Type: Black, 28-spoke cast aluminum
Brakes, Caliper Type: 32 mm, 4 piston fixed front and rear
Parking Brake: N / A
Test Method Engine Torque: J1349
2 Torque: 135 Nm
Torque (rpm): 3250
Angle, right (degrees): 33
Tilt angle to the left (degrees): 31
Fuel economy: highway combined city /: 5.6 l/100 km

– Vivid Black
– Big Blue Pearl
– Ember Red Sunglo
Lights (as per country regulation), the indicator lights LampsHigh beam, directional light bar, neutral, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, turn signals, security system, 6 speed, fuel, cruising speed, ABS

Fairing-mounted electronic speedometer with odometer, time of day clock on CD player / stereo, dual tripmeter, fuel gauge with low light and countdown feature mileage, low oil pressure light, engine diagnostics reading, LEDs, 6-speed cruise control indicator, speedometer with fuel, the tension of the oil pressure of ambient air and air temperature gauges

1: Measurement reflects 180 pounds (81.7 kg) operator.
2: Recommended 91 octane or higher fuel (R + M) / 2.
3: The values shown are nominal. Performance may vary by country and region.
4: Fuel Systems standard and optional features may vary by country.
5: Calculated from the fuel consumption tests on a sample motorcycle from the corresponding family conducted by Harley-Davidson under ideal conditions in the laboratory. All motorcycle models undergo fuel economy testing. Fuel economy and mileage may vary depending on motorcycle models within a family. Your mileage may vary depending on individual driving habits, weather conditions, the travel time, vehicle condition and vehicle configuration and other conditions. Your mileage may vary.
6: Standard and optional wheels may vary by country and region.
7: North America the security system includes immobilizer, outside North America the security system includes immobilizer and siren.
8 Refer to the owner of the motorcycle for more details.

2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU – a press release
PLUS Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 103 ™ POWER IN 2012

V-Rod ® 10th Anniversary Edition and the registration of Bagger Dyna Switchback ® models range

MILWAUKEE (July 20, 2011) – Harley-Davidson offers more performance for Big Twin 2012, at the Twin Cam 103 ™ drive system is standard on the Touring and Softail ® motorcycle models and most models Dyna ® motorcycles. Harley-Davidson will offer two new models for 2012. The V-Rod ® 10th Anniversary Edition celebrates a decade of cruising power performance, while the new Dyna Switchback ® is a touring bike with panniers convertible and removable windshield. In addition, the Night Rod Special has important updates to 2012 with renewed body and ergonomics optimized driving. Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) is launching the new brand TM CVO Road Glide ® Custom, limited production, a masterpiece of high performance travel.

Harley-Davidson believes that every bike that sells can be a habit. Harley-Davidson H-D1 ™ is a complete customization tool for the owner of the Harley-Davidson. H-D1 features include Harley-Davidson Auto Accessories ads in print and online catalogs, Fit Shop and consulting services to Harley-Davidson, and customization tools factory and manufacturer of bicycles in . H-D1 offers almost unlimited possibilities to optimize the fit, function, style and performance and turn in a Harley that is truly personalized to its owner.

2012 Harley-Davidson models with 32 runs, each born of experience that spans generations and passion for riding that will never diminish.

Highlights of 2012 Harley-Davidson line include:

The Twin Cam 103 ™ of all engine power 2012 Dyna ®, Softail and Touring models, except the Dyna Street Bob ® and Dyna ® Super Glide Custom. This engine produces up to 100 lb-ft. torque, an increase of around 6 percent over the Twin Cam 96 replaces power as a standard for many of these models. The Twin Cam 103 is equipped with an automatic compression release. It has the name tags in the clutch cover, timer cover and air filter ring adjusting.

A security package that pairs of anti-lock braking (ABS) with intelligent security system, based on proximity to the security fob handsfree is available to all 2012 V-Rod ®, Dyna, Softail ®, Touring and CVO MC. The security package is standard on models MC Ultra and CVO Road Glide ®, Electra Glide ® Ultra Limited, and Road King ® Classic. The security package is factory-installed option on all other models.

The Night Rod ® Special is updated with the tapered tail section of new, lighter wheels, fork invested and usability enhancements. Harley-Davidson celebrates a decade of cruising power with the V-Rod ® 10th Anniversary Edition of the motorcycle body finished in bright silver beads reminiscent of the anodized aluminum body of the original V-Rod, who introduced the model liquid-cooled Revolution V-Twin engine in 2002. All V-Rod V-Rod is the insignia of the 10 th anniversary.

Switchback combines new Dyna hard saddlebags and a windshield with the handling and eager performance Twin Cam 103 Dyna chassis. This is a custom road bike ready for a long weekend until the removable bags and windshield removed. Then, in seconds, the Switchback is a custom street cruiser with a bright spotlight of the sheath, five-spoke cast aluminum mini-ape handlebar. This concept makes the versatile Switchback convertible two bikes in one.

All models of Harley-Davidson Softail get the performance gain of the Twin Cam 103 engine, 2012. The Boy Fat Boy Fat and What’s new reduced rate to reach the handlebars more comfortable ergonomics. A saddle weaker form puts the rider closer to a fat new guy “on the bike” position. Luxury and Softail Heritage Softail Classic is available with a new option “Tubeless” cords chrome aluminum wheels Options profile for easy replacement of tires and repair.

The Twin Cam 103 powertrain features every model Harley-Davidson Touring argued for passage. In the Touring, the Twin Cam 103 is equipped with an oil cooler. All Touring models, except for the Ultra Limited will offer a new “no camera” chrome aluminum wheels cords profile option.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster ® line calls to a wide range of drivers with six models ranging from 2012 race-inspired ™ XR1200X of superlow ® Media custom roadsters accessible, such as Iron 883 ™, Nightster ® and forty-eight ®. The Sportster ® 1200 can be customized for fit, function and style with factory customization H-D1, a process that allows customers to use tool for creating building a bike selection of options that are installed as the bike is assembled by Harley-Davidson Motor Company or installed by a dealer after the bike is delivered. 1200 custom colors have been added new Constructor bicycles for 2012.

The new CVO Road Glide Custom is one of four limited production of 2012 models from Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) TM, each result with paint on chrome, bright, and V-Twin engine offers more powerful in the production Harley-Davidson. CVO Road Glide Custom is a hot-rod bagger with a frame-mounted fairing covered with a smoked windscreen wind splitter, high efficiency, amplified Harman / Kardon ® Advanced Audio System, and a matching color, low-profile console Fuel tank.

2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU

2012 Sportster ® Models: customization and power

The six 2012 Harley-Davidson ® Sportster ® models from black iron CustomTM affordable motorcycle-inspired roadster 883TM track the performance of the XR1200XTM inspired motorcycles. Each model Sportster ® provides the heartbeat of an authentic American V-Twin style and rhythm of the structure and operation of the engine.

Go back to your first full year of production is the Sportster ® 1200 Custom Bike, the bike that introduced the H-D1TM Web Builder bicycle factory customization process. The Help Generator Bicycle, customers can personalize your custom bike with the seat 1200, handlebars, pedals, wheels, safety, painting and finishing options the engine of your choice, which are then installed right at the factory. Even the retailer installed accessories can be added, and saw, in the constructor of sites by bicycle. The customer can print a description of your bike and take it to a Harley-Davidson ® where you can see the bike with qualified, choose additional accessories to be installed by the dealer to further customize the bike, then place an order . Customers can expect to be new to cycling just four weeks from the time you placed an order with an authorized dealer of Harley-Davidson ®.

Sportster ® 2012 All Michelin ® tires have to step ScorcherTM designed, tested and style specifically for the Sportster ® motorcycle to provide an ideal grip, uniform wear and longer life. Fifteen Sportster ® paint options include seven new color options for 2012. Side panels are completed in two Black Gloss Black Denim, or to match the finish on the body of another. Forty EightTM model will have a new tank graphic.

2012 Harley-Davidson ® Sportster ® Models

“Iron 883TM
“Sportster ® 1200 Custom

Touring 2012: The Legend Rolls On

By 2012, the eight Harley-Davidson ® Touring is powered by a twin Cam 103 ™ with automatic compression release and an oil cooler. Producing 102 pounds-feet. of torque at 3500 rpm, the Twin Cam 103 ™ offers outstanding performance in the city and open road. All Touring models also feature 6-speed Cruise Drive ™ transmission, 41.3 mm telescopic forks, adjustable shock absorbers and air rear-wheel drive system for smooth power delivery alone. The Harley-Davidson ® Touring chassis has a single mast rigid backbone frame and swingarm in two parts designed to provide flexible management and long-haul durability. The geometry of the chassis and suspension are calibrated for the management of trust and comfort.

All Touring models, except for the Ultra Limited offers a new “no camera” fit option chromed aluminum wheels for easy replacement of tires and repair. Six new colors or color combinations are some of the 12 options offered in the model of the paint line Touring 2012.

2012 Harley-Davidson ® Touring

“Road King ®
“Road King ® Classic
“Electra Glide ® Classic
“Ultra Classic Electra Glide ® ®
“Electra Glide ® Ultra Limited
“Street Glide ®
“Road Glide ® Custom
“Road Glide ® Ultra

2012: Three wheelin Trike models

The Tri GlideTM 2012 Ultra Classic ® motorcycle brings original equipment design, quality and service in three-wheel motorcycle segment, based on the chassis structure and geometry designed specifically to withstand the loads generated by the steering forces and the weight of a tricycle. With a luxury Tour-Pak ® integrated door and trunk, a four-speaker/80-watt Harman / Kardon ® Advanced Audio System, electronic cruise control and electric reverse, the Ultra Classic ® Tri GlideTM bike inspires confidence, passion and independence of any type of driving. The Ultra Classic ® Tri GlideTM bike will be available in three color combinations: Black Intense, Big Blue Pearl / Vivid Black or Red Ember Sunglo Sunglo / Merlot.

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